Kyudokan Bahrain

            Centuries of tradition.
    Evolving through time.
                    Survival of the fittest.

Stress release, weight loss, exercise, self-defense, discipline, unique lifestyle, good company—all these are found in the martial arts.

Since 1995, the Kyudokan has been giving exactly these to our hundreds of students.

Now with the establishment of our new full-time training hall, we provide more martial arts such as Karate—the martial art enjoyed by all ages, Aikido - the defensive art that doesn't use physical force and, for the first time in Bahrain, Kali—an exotic Filipino weapons-based art commonly seen in movies such as Bourne Identity, Quantum of Solace, and even Bruce Lee’s Game of Death.

Why waste valuable time on babysitting, going to the mall or browsing in front of the computer? Why not learn something new and interesting while at the same time, getting a good exercise?

Our rates are one of the lowest in the country as we strive not to limit teaching because of financial reasons. In fact, we even have scholarship programs for those who are serious in becoming martial artists—the only one existing in Bahrain. Discounts available for families.

Our classes are taught by dedicated and internationally-ranked instructors whose main aim is to spread their art for the society to benefit from the same improvements that they have experienced through their martial art journey. Our curriculum is also standardized by our respective international federations.

Karate, Kali and Aikido Classes are available for all ages. Martial arts classes exclusively for women are also available.

Still unsure? Come, drop by and feel free to observe how our classes work. See you there!

Location and contact

Malik Mansions, Flat 11,
Bldg. 342, Sh. Isa Avenue,
Manama, Bahrain (Near Andalus Park)

Phone: 3391 2592, 3924 1346, 3308 2382